When just starting out in business there’s lots to learn. It doesn’t matter what industry you are starting in or what industry you will end up in. There will be many lessons along the career path. Time will teach you how to evolve as a business person. You may have access to a mentor that has been involved in your line of work for many years and this person may give advice. As you climb the so called “ladder” of corporate America or entrepreneurship, surely there will be bumps and pitfalls. How will you get through the toughest of times? Go with your gut.

So what does that really mean? Go with your gut. I am sure you have heard it many times, probably from a good friend or parent. After more than 30 years in business in New York City, I have learned to take a step back and go with my gut on many occasions. Some decisions are fairly easy. What computers are needed in the office or how fast should the internet connection be. Others decisions are more difficult. How many employees should I hire? How much money should I spend on inventory this season? Should I wait to run a sale? Should I borrow money?

As I look back on the multitude of decisions I have made through my career in men’s fashion and retail, I know I have the experience to deftly answer these questions and execute properly. Sometimes that’s just not enough. Something doesn’t feel right. You know what I mean, deep down in your psyche a feeling to move right or left. A pulling to step back a minute and think. A pushing to walk on the right or left side of the street. 

It’s the simple things. You receive a text, an email. It’s important. You need to answer. Should you jump and answer that moment? My gut says wait, no rush, think. The other person can wait 10 minutes, 15 minutes, even an hour for my answer. How should I formulate it? What exact words should I use? I want to be sure my words won’t be used out of context and be fully understood. Everything these days is set online for eternity. I have to think who else may read this. What is my gut telling me. I know how to answer, my experience guides, but my gut says it feels right.

There usually is no rush in business. It’s all perception of immediacy. Things tend to fall into place and happen for a reason. If you get that gut feeling to move one way, don’t go the other even if others say you are wrong. You are usually your best mentor. I’m not saying not to take advice from others and talk things out, but in the end if the decision is yours, use your experience then wait, think, what is your gut telling you? Does it feel right? If so go for it, execute with all your might and your endeavors will be successful.

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