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Founder/Designer/CEO  Philip Pravda


Philip Pravda

In this first blog post, you should know that I created this men's style forum for you.  It pains me to know that men are being led to buy low quality clothing with high prices.  Retail store clerks, with very little experience in the field of men's fashion and tailoring, are giving out advice and pretending to be experts.  On the internet, there are many bloggers, You Tubers and entrepreneurs who are doling out men's fashion tips as a hobby and calling themselves experts.

Contact me here and on Twitter @suit_cafe or at my YouTube channel and Facebook.  Use my 27+ years experience in menswear to help gain your Ultimate Confidence and create your best look.

I will personally be answering emails, Tweets and Facebook posts.  I can prove to you that fashion is within you. 

I have dressed men from all over the world in the most expensive and luxurious men's suit brands.  I have done fittings on more than 30,000 suits and am an expert in tailoring.  When one thinks of tailoring, the alterations that come to mind are bottoms, taking in or letting out the waist, fixing sleeve lengths and other basic tailoring tasks.  Having done this many fittings in my career, I have coached experienced tailors how to complete many out of the ordinary tailoring procedures.  It really is precision surgery.   It takes a very skilled set of hands to complete a re-cutting of pants-- not only to re-cut to make them smaller, but also adding 5-6 inches to the waist to make them bigger.  It can be flawlessly done.  If you have any tailoring questions, I will gladly offer my expertise to guide you in the right direction.  I have dressed presidents, prime ministers, senators, businessmen, diplomats, attorneys, fathers and sons from all over the world and met thousands upon thousands of interesting people from almost every continent.

This is the FIRST time anywhere that you can have ULTIMATE CONFIDENCE™ in your suits for work, for a wedding or wherever your suits may take you.  I have created this newest collection to give you the Ultimate in a suit at the best price.  With that, I will protect your investment because I believe in my product.