When is the best time to buy all-year-round or all-season fabric men's suits?  You could say, "Anytime."  Given that the suits are for all climates, they may be worn whenever you like.  That is basically true and correct; however, in the cycle of men's fashion, which is a seasonal business, there are times during the year when men's boutiques and department stores may have more or less of these types of garments made from all-season fabrics.

All-Season Navy Blue Suits For Men

All-Season Navy Blue Suits For Men

Let's discuss, for a moment, what is "all-season" fabric.  These materials are slightly lighter in nature.  They have a harder finish on the outer weave of the fabric.  This makes these materials behave in a fashion that allows for longer wear and tear during everyday use.  Fabric mills know when weaving this type of material (ie: gabardine or worsted wool) that the garments crafted from them will be workhorses in a wardrobe because the final products look crisp, hold a crease and resist wrinkles.

If you are in the market for all-season suits, you may find the most ample collection when the seasons are changing.  In men's apparel, that would be between winter and spring and again between summer and fall seasons.  At these times, retailers sometimes bring in goods that may be worn during periods when their customers are unsure what to wear; it is not exactly hot enough to wear a summer suit nor cold enough to wear a winter suit.  All-season suits are the perfect solution.

All-season suits are also known in the men's clothing industry as mid-weight suits.  In my 27 years experience of buying and selling men's suits, this translates to approximately 300g in weight of wool.  There are also mixtures of fibers that are beneficial and essential components in the manufacturing of the perfect all-season men's suits, jackets and pants.  Silk and wool and even 100% cotton twill when incorporated into garments create viable and reliable all-season suits.  The king combination of cashmere and wool proves to be the premier blend of textiles for fashioning the best all-season suits.  Even without feeling suits, just knowing the blend and ratio of suits' fibers offers assurance to an educated, garment-saavy consumer.  So, when searching and shopping for for suits online, for example, you know exactly what to expect from your purchase.  The ease and convenience of online shopping when combined with this knowledge enables consumers to avoid relying on brick and mortar stores' limited inventories.

An investment in quality men's suits, especially those with hand-stitching, should be made with the certainty that the garments will wear well, look and feel great and, ideally, allow for versatility.  All-season suits, especially in the mainstay collections of solid colors such as: navy blue suits, grey suits and black suits, afford yet another fabulous alternative.  Suit jackets and pants fashioned from all-season fabrics allow for the option of wearing them separately. All-season suit jackets create completely different looks when coupled with jeans for casual nights on the town.  All-season suit pants may double as fabulous trousers when paired with sweaters.  These innovative suit pieces not only take you through all seasons, but from event to event.

Not only do all-season suits always travel well and are staples in a man's wardrobe, but year-round attire in a gentleman's personal clothing collection is a must-have as it makes getting dressed foolproof and effortless.  Regardless of the season, anytime is a great time to buy, wear and enjoy a new suit and have ultimate confidence in how you feel when you dress.