A classic 6x2 double breasted suit.

A classic 6x2 double breasted suit.

Years ago, when I went buying for the family clothing stores with my father, we used to have to calculate how many suits we needed in each design. In the mid 1990’s to early 2000’s we would sell a combination of double breasted suits and single breasted suits. There was a ratio between 2 button and 3 button single breasted suits and a good amount of double breasted suits.

Having been doing the buying for so many years and looking at thousands of fabric swatches, you get a good feeling for what model of suit will look good in a particular swatch of fabric.  Solids and stripes always looked proper in both models, but some plaids and window pane swatches looked better in one or the other, not always both.

Over the years there were many clients who only liked to wear double breasted.  They would never touch a single breasted suit.  The converse was also true. Some people stick to single breasted thinking it is more conservative.  Fast forward to today. 

I was on Reddit answering some fashion questions in the MFA (malefashionadvice) section.  A young man received a double breasted suit as a hand me down.  He had it tailored and wanted to know if it was good for an interview suit.  The design was a bit dated, but it fit.  He did have a single breasted suit as well.  I recommended for him to wear the single breasted suit.  Not only is it more classic, but in today’s fashion for men two button single breasted suits are what the style is. 

It is becoming more difficult to find double breasted suits in stores. The manufacturers are showing “DB” and pushing it in advertising, but it is just not selling.  Companies have to come up with new things every year and "DB" was not popular for a few years in a row.   

What suit style is right for you?  It turns out that larger men liked double breasted suits since they thought the wrap around of the jacket helped them look thinner.  It actually did the reverse.  In today's fashion for men most suits are two button single breasted.  It is a very flattering and slimming type of suit for most  people.  Having fitted all types of suits in over 27 years in menswear the two button single breasted is king of the closet.