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Two weeks ago, Mr. Armani announced that he would be fitting George Clooney for a tuxedo for his wedding, which was held this past weekend in Venice, Italy.

Giorgio Armani, now 80 years old, has his name on every type of product from jeans to hotels to swimwear to perfume. He found it important to make this announcement himself at his Milan Fashion Week show when a vast amount of press was present. We all know George Clooney as a very successful actor with two Oscars. It’s known that the two are friends.

What can we learn from this announcement? Is it just another pop culture, fashion blurb that the press will milk day in and day out until we see the photos? Is there something telling about his announcement that we could use for our own brands?

Does Mr. Armani really need to announce to the world that he fitted Mr. Clooney for a custom tux? Would we think George Clooney would wear anything other than a custom suit or tuxedo? Here we see an incredibly successful businessman, Mr. Armani, with his career spanning decades, and he is concerned about one suit.

My interpretation of this is that Giorgio Armani is still very involved in his business. Certainly with an operation as large as his, he can’t be hands-on everything, but rest assured, he takes his time, even at 80 years of age, to be involved in the important aspects of work. Not only in terms of design decisions, but in terms of growth as well, Mr. Armani remains focused on expansion and branding of his empire.

Giorgio Armani wants the world to know that he was personally involved in this task of fitting just one tuxedo. He knows that this one custom suit for a friend needs to also be made in a timely fashion. With this one announcement, he demonstrates to his entire company that he pays attention to and cares about details. That will make his employees the world over feel pride in their work. Any assistant could have issued a press release, but he chose to personally declare his involvement in this said tuxedo. He is the brand. His name is on the garment. Everything reflects on him.

Business is branding. It is not PR. It is not advertising. It is all intertwined as branding. Sometimes founders and CEOs are exclusively involved in large projects and serious decision-making, leaving the smaller tasks to assistants and other employees. Certainly, that’s what they were hired to do. Yet, sometimes when there is a simple message that could be important to building the brand, even one as simple as one suit, it’s worth it to take the time to do it yourself. You are the brand.

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