Handmade men’s suits made to measurements.  Wear them then return them for free Suits. You decide when to revolve your wardrobe.  The returned suits are renewed, recut, refitted and distributed to men in need.

Philip Pravda, Founder and CEO of SuitCafe.com, launches The First Revolving Wardrobe™ on June 16, 2015.  The new men’s suit collection enables men to purchase suits, tailor and wear them for an unlimited amount of time.  Then, return and select new suits for free.  Pravda has created SuitCafe.com as the online retail source for this men's clothing collection.  Pravda, international clothier and retail authority states, “SuitCafe.com is the first and last place you will ever need to go to buy a suit.”

The collection is designed with the same modern fit and Italian fabrics as known from his Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue stores in New York City.  Pravda partnered his SizeIt™ system with SuitCafe.com to provide consumers with his online sizing assessment utilizing three familiar measurements:  neck, waist and height.  SizeIt™ is available to the public at SuitCafe.com without purchase required. "When working with clients in person, I never ask about size.  I just look at them and know their measurements from neck down to their shoe size,” says Pravda.

“After more than three decades in brick and mortar retail and having personally fitted over 30,000 men in suits, I am keenly attuned to what men need and want with respect to their wardrobes,” says Pravda.  “I am able to afford men something even greater than just luxury fashion.  It’s about creating opportunities for men to achieve their personal best-- outfitting for success and, in turn, they outfit others for success.  It’s a feel good and feel good again situation." 

When men revolve their wardrobe and choose new suits, the returned suits are renewed, recut, refitted and distributed to men in need.  Pravda says, “It ‘suits the soul,’ too.”

About SuitCafe.com:

SuitCafe.com features the, details and hand stitching of the most sought after styles as well as custom personalized labels on the interior of suit jackets and 10 day delivery.  Suits are crafted from Super 150s and 160s wool and cashmere as well as an exclusive SuitCafe.com fabric, CashLana™, boasting the hand of cashmere and the strength of wool with an online opening price of $287.

About Philip Pravda:

Philip Pravda is a fourth generation clothier in New York City and was the first to import brands such as Canali, Giorgio Armani and Ermenegildo Zegna to the United States.  His pedigree in menswear includes his great grandfather in 1908 as the first to introduce the concept of retailing new, men’s clothing.  His grandfather, in the 1970s, designed and coined the phrase for the “Hollywood Suit,” the style of which became an iconic look of that era through Saturday Night Fever as worn by John Travolta.  Philip Pravda launched the first online men’s suit business in the 1990s. His clients include: heads of state, celebrities, dignitaries, corporate executives and businessmen from around the world.  His designs are featured in film, television, the White House, United Nations and on avenues around the world as well as in GQ, NY Post Page Six, Crain’s, 1010 WINS, FOX, WWD, DNR, Chain Store Age, Footwear News, and the Emmy, Tony and Grammy Awards.

http://www.suitcafe.com. Handmade men's suits made with 3 measurements: neck, waist and height.  Super 150s and 160s wool and SuitCafe’s exclusive CashLana™ fabrics from Italy.  Learn how it works: http://www.suitcafe.com/how-it-works